Every Journey Starts With A Single Step

Deep breath. New adventures take courage. One step. Another step, another step, wash, rinse and repeat.

This is a new adventure. One that takes a lot of courage as I’m wading into waters that I have never encountered before. I’ve been a corporate designer for more than 20 years and I’ve learned that design for large corporations is not easy. Especially when you don’t agree personally with the direction. The more you travel that path of corporate design where you compromise yourself and deliver for your leaders, the further away you travel. Until you realize one day that you’re not sure how you got here, doing what you are doing because you don’t believe in it any more. If you ever did. I’m learning to check in with myself to understand my decisions and their alignment with my true self. This project is an effort to provide a creative outlet for my soul to develop and maintain alignment with myself and to allow me to share my art and creativitiy with others. I hope you’ll join me!

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